Advanced Steam Methane Reformer Course, October 4th-6th, 2016


This BD Energy Systems advanced training course is directed toward improving the level of understanding among plant management, engineers, operators, maintenance, and HSE personnel. This course will assist all attendees to apply more effectively the knowledge gained from this course to make better decisions on how to manage specific operating and maintenance issues that plant personnel face on a daily basis, how to coordinate their efforts to achieve the best long-term performance, and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Target Group

Plant Management, Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, and Health, Safety & Environmental personnel in Ammonia, Methanol, Hydrogen, GTL, and Ore Reduction plants that require Steam Reformer furnaces for generation of hydrogen, synthesis gas, or reducing gas.

In This Course

The course starts with the basic fundamentals of Steam Reformer design and includes an overview of the historical evolution of various reformer designs and the impact of operating parameters on Steam Reformer reliability. The course progresses to an interactive discussion during which operating and maintenance issues will be introduced and comments from attendees will be addressed in a problem-solution format. BD Energy Systems instructors will also include an expert group of key-component suppliers of equipment and services for Steam Reformers during the interactive session to provide thorough analysis and discussion of each topic.

Training Course

The BD Energy Systems Steam Methane Reformer Advanced Training Course is designed for all aspects of plant personnel. The course will empower your stakeholders to apply more effectively the knowledge acquired to better manage specific operating and maintenance issues that plant personnel face on a daily basis. Have a look at our brochure for more details and information. Contact us at any time for your reservation now!

Instructor Introduction

Dan Barnett is the primary instructor of the training and has more than 35 years of experience in the execution of Furnace related work where he has been involved in technology development, process design, detailed engineering, project execution, commissioning, and plant start-up advisory roles. Dan has been involved in more than 100 reformer projects and currently serves as Vice President of Engineering at BD Energy Systems. Previously Dan held the positions of VP of Engineering for Technip KTI, Managing Director of Furnace Technology for Shaw Stone & Webster, and Manager of
Furnace Technology & Chief Engineer of the Furnace Engineering Group at MW Kellogg & KBR.

Throughout his career Dan has worked both on new construction and revamps of reformer furnaces of all industry configurations and most of the technology providers. Included among these technologies are: KBR/MW Kellogg, Foster Wheeler, Davy, CB&I-Howe Baker, Technip KTI, Selas, Linde, Toyo, and John Brown. His experience encompasses Ammonia, Methanol, Hydrogen, and GTL plant reformer furnace applications.

Subjects Covered

  • Centrifugally Cast Tubes and Fittings
  • Catalyst Tube Inspection Best Practices
  • Combustion APH & SCR Systems
  • Reforming Catalyst
  • Burner Systems
  • Centrifugal Fans
  • Spring Hangers

Brief of Subjects

  • How or why your reformer is different from similar reformers in other services?
  • How to apply best practices when it comes to an operation and maintenance?
  • All of the options to upgrade your steam methane reformer?
  • The design limitations of your reformer?

Cost – $495.00


  • Meals
  • Refreshments
  • Training Handbook

Whom should Attend

  • Plant Operations
  • Engineers
  • Plant Maintenance
  • HSE Personnel

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